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Fit Club Austin has moved! Please visit our new site:


We are updating our website…Please check back tomorrow!

Bart Emken, Beachbody coach, sums up week one of Insanity with a bike ride and a report of his results.  After one week, Bart is energized, losing weight, feeling great, and performing better as a cyclist.  Go, Bart, go!

Bart Emken, Beachbody coach, makes it through his first week of Insanity with flying colors. Bart talks about failure, and gives you a great way to think about it. Way to go, Bart!

Bart Emken, Beachbody coach, gives us a peek into Insanity Day 5 – Pure Cardio.  Push play and do your part to End The Trend of Obesity!

Website update coming soon – Have a great weekend everybody!

Bart Emken, Beachbody coach, moves low and slow today for Insanity Day 4 – Cardio Recovery. This is a workout that is low on the cardio scale, but high on the thigh-burning scale! It was nice to have a “break” from the high intensity days.

See you tomorrow, and thanks for your comments!

Bart “DogBoy” Emken, Beachbody coach, sucks it up and pushes play for Insanity Day 3 – Power Cardio & Resistance.  Watch Bart be transformed from Mr. I don’t want to push play to Mr. Glad He Did!  This is a great workout that will really get your heart rate up.

Fit club was GREAT today!  Stay tuned for some bonus video from our Stretch & Recovery class.  Have a great week everyone!

Insanity – Day 2

Bart Emken, Team Beachbody coach talks you through Day 2 of Insanity.  Bart’s workout is physically challenging but you can see that his workout spirit is just beginning, and he is ready to inspire you to get fit along with him!

Join us for Fit Club tomorrow at Noon at DogBoy’s Dog Ranch – It’s P90X One-On-One Stretch day!

Insanity – Day 1

Fit Test #1 – Bart busts his butt to get his first fit test done.  I’m proud, and I know you will be too!

See you Wednesday at Fit Club!

Playing a little catchup here, this is Bart’s post from yesterday. A long bike ride will get his mind in the game, and prepare him for the big day tomorrow! Please send comments and encourage him along the way!

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